Why You Should Use Color Street Nail Polish Strips

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Questions I often get are about why you should use Color Street nail polish strips over traditional liquid nail polish and what makes them different from other nail polish strips. Is there really that much difference?

The answer is most definitely YES!

100% nail polish:

One of the biggest reasons why you should use Color Street is that it is the only nail polish strip on the market that is actually 100% nail polish. It consists of 3 layers: a top coat, color coat, and base coat. Color Street is not made of vinyl and does not have any glue that keeps it on the nail. It is simply just that: 100% nail polish. Because this product is unlike any other and is such a game changer, it is actually globally patented.

Quick and Easy Application/Removal:

This product does not require any special skills or tools to apply. There is no UV light required. You do not have to heat it to the nail or cut it to the appropriate size with scissors. All you really need are your finger nails or a nail file! Color Street allows you to have a professional salon looking manicure in 10 minutes! It’s really THAT easy! To remove Color Street, all you need is some acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover. No special solvents or products. Watch an application video to see it in action!

A No Mess and Long Lasting Product:

When applied properly Color Street can easily last 7-14 days. Because this product is in a strip form, it is technically dry. If you get interrupted doing your manicure (or pedicure for that matter) you will never have to worry about smudging!! It is also so sturdy that you won’t see chipping after the first day like you typically do with traditional nail polish. This product is extremely durable too. I have customers who garden, play sports, farm, and all around get dirty without excessive wear adding to the reasons why you should use Color Street!

Have small children and typically worry about them spilling over the bottle during your mommy and me bonding? This is also no longer a problem with Color Street! If it gets knocked and brushed off onto the carpet or furniture, it won’t make a mess!

Easy to Travel:

Most bottles of traditional nail polish are 4-6 oz which is over the liquid requirements for the TSA. Therefore, you would be unable to have nail polish in your carry on luggage and would not be able to do your nails at the airport while waiting for your flight (or even on the plane). However, Color Street is a dry product an can be taken through security in your carry on luggage as well as applied in flight. There is no strong nail polish smell with this product either! Just enough for you to still know it’s 100% nail polish. There’s no fear of disturbing your neighbor with strong smells!

Scrapbook Your Nails:

Color Street nail polish strips are so easy to use and pliable that you can actually hole punch shapes or cut them into strips! You can design your own manicure or follow inspiration from Pinterest at home! No need to go to a salon for fancy designs when you can do them from the comfort of your own couch! Another reason why you should use Color Street is that you don’t need all the extra tools to customize your nail art. You would need to have stencils, stamping plates, stamping polish, and different types of brushes to be able to do that at home with traditional polish.

Gel/Acrylic? No Problem:

Can’t seem to get over your salon addition to acrylic or gel manicures? No problem! Color Street works on top of any manicure you currently have! Simply ask them to leave your nails bare or cover one nail with Color Street for an accent!!

Remember how I told you that you can punch out designs from your strips with hole punches? You could do that over your gel or acrylic as well! You can also use Color Street to take more time before you get to the salon for a fill. Glitters work best for this, but you can cover your growth with the strips and skip the salon for another week. The reasons why you should use Color Street are endless!


With packages priced at $11-$14 and never ending buy 3 get 1 free and buy 1 get 1 free deals online, it is a STEAL! For the price of one salon manicure you could get 4 different manicures with Color Street nail polish strips! We have glitters, solid colors, designs, French tips, and more! Check out our current selection here!

And the absolute best thing about Color Street?? We offer FREE samples to those that have never tried it before!! Simply fill out my form here and I will get one sent out to you! I just ask that you be honest with me and to not request if you’ve tried it before.

Photo of nail polish strip sample package as a reason for why you should use Color Street nail polish strips

Color Street is a direct sales company that started in June 2017 has continued to grow ever since! This product is truly ON FIRE with no signs of stopping! Color Street is on track to be the number 1 selling nail polish brand in the United States! If that’s not a reason why you should use Color Street, I don’t know what is. New designs and colors launch almost monthly in addition to occasional custom designs for fundraisers. The upcoming Foundation charities are always announced prior to the year.

The Opportunity

If you thought there could be no more reasons why you should use Color Street, guess again! While this reason isn’t directly associated with using the product, it allows you to fuel your dreams. There is an exclusive business opportunity within Color Street included with new friends and a collective atmosphere without competition!

If this is something you may remotely be interested in, I encourage you to check out my article about things to know before joining Color Street. This is a product for everyone and it truly sells itself.

There are no guarantees regarding the income from this opportunity. The success or failure of each Stylist, like in any other business, depends upon each Stylists’ skillset and personal effort. Earning levels for independent Stylists are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual stylists business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity, and demographic factors. Read the income disclosure statement here.

I look forward to helping you find your passion in nail art once again and finding your own reasons why you should use Color Street nail polish strips!

Independent Color Street Stylist

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