Polish Soaker Tips Review

I’m always looking for new products to make my life easier when it comes to painting my nails. Why would I put up with the hassle if I can do it easier? A lot of people use clips for holding on cotton balls soaked in nail polish remover and love it.

However, when scrolling Instagram (follow me here!) I came across an ad for these silicone “nail soakers”. These are essentially little caps for your nails to keep the cotton ball or whatever on your nails. The best part about this product is the fact that you could actually USE your hands/fingers while soaking them in nail polish remover. With the clips, you’re limited due to the grips that stick out at the end.

You can get the polish soakers here!

The Review

Depending on the size of your fingers, they can be a little snug as they are all one size. For example, my thumb was slightly snug, but my pinky was okay. They are fairly easy to put on, but grabbing the corners and pulling them down helped get the best fit. You simply slide them off and use the cotton to scrub off any remaining polish.

Quick application and removal with NailsMate polish soakers.

It can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the type of nail polish and type of remover. I had Color Street nail polish strips on and after 15 minutes most of it came off with a little scrub. However, I used non-acetone remover as I’m trying to get away from acetone. I also used Kleenex for my first attempt too as I did not have any cotton balls at the time.

Hint: cotton balls work much better. Make sure to completely saturate the cotton balls as well.

I love the fact that these are reusable silicone and can be cleaned! I find it cumbersome to do both hands at once, but you definitely could to get them done faster.

Final Verdict

My final verdict is a solid A-! They definitely keep things on your nails and you can use your hands while soaking. My biggest issue was the one size problem, but definitely not a be all end all. Just make sure not to use TOO much cotton as that will make them more snug and it’s just not necessary.

If you’re ready to try them you can get them online here!

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