How to Remove Color Street Quickly

How to Remove Color Street Quickly

The worst part about nail polish is always the removal process. It tends to take FOREVER! And don’t even get me started on glitter nail polish! No one has time to sit around for a removal process. I mean, isn’t that why you’re using Color Street to begin with? We want our nails painted and we want them painted NOW. I’ll give you a couple of my best kept secrets for how to remove Color Street quickly!

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If you didn’t already know, Color Street is made of 100% nail polish. You can read up on Color Street here. There’s no heat or glue required to keep them on the nail. Because of this, it’s no different to remove Color Street quickly than any other liquid nail polish and it’s definitely easier than acrylic/gel.

There’s definitely more than one way to remove Color Street nail polish strips, but these are the best tried and true methods. However, there is one key to remove Color Street quickly – Mineral Fusion non-acetone nail polish remover. This stuff is a miracle worker and I don’t know why Color Street hasn’t tried to buy them out yet. If you haven’t used it before, please do yourself (and your nails) a favor and click the link above to get some. It will make your nail polish life so much easier.

The Clip Method

This is probably your more traditional method. These clips have been used by nail polish enthusiasts for a long time and for good reason! They make removal so much easier and you’re not wasting tons of tin foil trying to wrap a cotton ball around your nail.

Remove Color Street quickly with nail clips

I would also argue that this is the easiest method to remove Color Street quickly. All you do is apply the Mineral Fusion to cotton balls and then to your nails. Wait 5 minutes before taking them off and you’re done. I tend to do one hand at a time in case I need to grab something or, you know, change the channel.

The Bag Method

This is a new one for me, however it seriously works! You only need 1-2 Tbsp of nail polish remover, too. My favorite thing about this method is that it keeps all the mess contained in the bag and you just have to throw away that one bag when you’re done. Word of caution: TEST THE WATER TEMPERATURE prior to shoving your fingers in. I didn’t do that the first time I tried this method and burned my poor little fingers.

It only took about 1-2 minutes to remove Color Street quickly with this method compared to about 5 minutes with clips or even the next method below.

Twist & Scrub Cup

This was the first method I tried to remove Color Street quickly. I LOVED the bristles inside the cup. All you did was soak and twist your nail around against the bristles. It made removing glitter nails a breeze. However, these twist & scrub cups typically come with acetone nail polish remover in them. IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, I would dump that out and put in Mineral Fusion or some other non-acetone remover. This is my reason why.

You can buy these cups at most drug stores & Target. Some also have a sponge inside instead of bristles. Both work well, just find which one you prefer.

How do you best remove Color Street nail polish? Do you have any tips to add?

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