Hiding the Litter Box in Small Spaces

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Hiding the litter box in an apartment is never an easy task. If you only have a one bedroom or studio apartment, there is even less space for your kitty to do her thing. And if you’ve owned a cat for any length of time you know the smell and mess that litter boxes can make too, limiting where you would even want to have it!

I just moved to a new apartment and was trying to figure out where I was going to put Miss Kiddy’s litter box! I was looking around each nook and cranny – mind you I only have a 720 square foot apartment now. The lease started a month before we had to be out of the old place, which I HIGHLY recommend. You can do all the organizational planning with enough time to casually move things as you can. No need for one BIG moving day, unless that’s your thing.

Here are 5 ways to hide the litter box.

1. In a closet

This may be obvious or maybe it’s something you haven’t considered before. Most closets have some weird space in the back on the ground. Either you pile a lot of junk there or it stays empty. Guess what. That’s a perfect place for a litter box!! It’s quiet, dark, and secluded which is perfect for a cat to do her business. You just have to keep the door cracked open enough for the cat to squeeze in and out. You’d be surprised by the tiny spaces they can get in to. And if you’re worried about litter tracking on the carpet or flooring, get a litter catching rug to place underneath it. Problem solved! They also make kitty doors that you can put almost anywhere, but if you’re renting this would not be an option.

2. In a bathroom cabinet

This one is brilliant actually. Bathrooms are typically the place where people put the litter box in apartments. They’re already seen as a dirty place since we do the nasty there and typically no carpet (I say typically because some people are weird). This is actually the place I have chosen to hide Miss Kiddy’s litter box. Our bathroom is narrow and when the door is open, you can’t even open half of the bottom cabinet. Then it donned on me. Cabinets are dark and quiet! All I have to do is remove one of the doors so she can always access it and voila! A perfect poo palace for my baby. Hell, I might even hang a curtain so she has total privacy.

3. Buy litter box furniture

Hiding the litter box is one of man’s greatest problems. That’s why so many companies have now started selling furniture made just for this purpose. It’s not the cheapest option, but definitely the most convenient for small spaces. You need furniture, so why not make it serve two purposes instead of one. A quick amazon search will show you lots of options anywhere from end tables to planters. This night stand/end table has great reviews!

4. Toilet Training

I’m sure most people have seen the movie Meat the Fockers with Robert De Niro and his cat Jinxy who goes to the bathroom in the toilet. It may seem like it’s just for the movies, but people actually do this and cats actually can learn. Now this one isn’t for everyone as it can take some patience, but it eliminates the need for a litter box altogether!! Check out this training kit. The best hiding spot is one that isn’t needed.

5. DIY it

The possibilities are endless for hiding the litter box if you’re a DIYer or handyman. You’re not limited by what other people think you should do. This option is best for making use of the space and furniture you already have, which if you’re in an apartment like me, is not very much.
For example you could:
-Drill a cat hole into the side of a dresser that you’ve taken the bottom 2 drawers of out.
-Build an accent table with a hole in the side.
-Put a curtain around your sink to hide the litter box you put underneath it.

The ultimate goal here is to live in harmony with your kitty cat. They shouldn’t get in the way of you living in your apartment and your cat should also have a space that they love. It’s a balance and the right decision for you may not be the same decision as someone else. Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to open your eyes.

How did you hide your litter box? Let me know in the comments!


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