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So you’re addicted to Color Street (aren’t we all?) and now you need to figure out how to organize it all so that it’s easily accessible when you need it! Finding an easy Color Street organization bin is essential. As an Independent Color Street Stylist, we have our own ways of keeping our massive stock under control. However, this article is specifically for the user, the customer, my people!

I am an Independent Color Street Stylist. Any views, tips, suggestions, or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to myself and do not necessarily represent the Color Street company.

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The biggest benefit of Color Street, outside of it’s affordability, is that you can do your nails anywhere. Some people will want their Color Street organization to be easily grabbed so they can head to the couch to do their nails while they watch TV. Some will want a nice storage container for their vanity. And others may want something bigger to organize ALL of their nail products and accessories. However you want your Color Street organized, I will help you find some options and ideas.

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Small Organization

Small bins and bags are perfect for those who just need something for their Color Street packages. These tend to be the cheapest options, but limit what you can hold because of the size.

Greeting Card Keeper

One of the simplest containers would be a greeting card storage box. The new 2020 packaging has a dimension of 6.5 inches long x 4 inches tall. If you can find a 5×7 photo box that would fit them perfectly with some wiggle room. Some have dividers included allowing you to further organize your Color Street by color or style!

Color Street organization example with a small cosmetic bag
5×7 cosmetic bag

Another idea is a cute single pouch bag. It won’t be able to hold much other than your Color Street nail polish, but it’s a stylish option especially if you plan to put this pouch into something bigger. You could easily repurpose this bag for make up as well!

Medium Organization

These are great for Color Street organization as well as keeping a few other items with it such as twosies (two-finger samples), cuticle sticks, and nail files.

3L storage bin

Have a larger bin in mind? A 3L snap closer storage bin is a great stackable option. This size is big enough to hold more things, but not too big where it gets in the way. Being clear is also a plus because you know exactly what’s in it before opening. Keep this in the closet or in a cabinet for easy access!

Glamour Case by Thirty-One

Thirty-One is another amazing direct sales company just like Color Street. They focus entirely on organization so it’s no surprise that some of their products are perfect for this! Above is a perfect cosmetic bag with an extra pouch to keep some smaller things safe. If you need more information or want to order any of these, please refer to the Thirty-One website as I do not sell these products.

Color Street organization example with a food storage bin
Kitchen Storage Container from Wayfair

Food storage works great too for a desk top option! This was purchased initially as a storage option in my pantry for seasoning and noodle packets, but as you can see it works great for Color Street organization.

Large Organization

WARNING: This section is for the biggest Color Street addicts! If you have enough to last you 5 months of nail polish changes, this could be for you. If you like to get extremely creative with your designs, this could be for you. And if you love Color Street this much, have you though about joining? Get all your questions answered about making money selling the most sought after nail polish in the USA: Just click here.

Jewelry and Makeup Storage Display Box

If you’re looking for vanity or bathroom storage for your Color Street, here’s a great product! It has a couple drawers to keep your Color Street nail polish packages, but also room on top for nail polish remover and other things like nail files! I like the clear acrylic/plastic because you can easily see what’s in each drawer. It doesn’t make things harder!

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Color Street organization example with a large multidrawer organizer
10 drawer rolling cart

This 10 drawer rolling cart is actually what I use to organize all my Color Street business supplies. It is definitely on the bigger side, but if you want EVERYTHING nail related in one location this will do the trick. I didn’t put the wheels on it, but you could to roll it anywhere or quickly grab what you need for your next mani!

Color Street organization is just as important as organizing any other part of your home! The possibilities are endless, but hopefully this gave you some ideas to start with! Now go do your nails!

Independent Color Street Stylist

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